Giving it some LA Splash

IMG_0298.JPGI have really wanted to do a review on the LA Splash liquid lips as I don’t think they are hyped up enough. Seriously their formula is great, the have a good range of colours and for such an affordable price you cannot go wrong with these babies.

My latest buy has been the lip couture waterproof liquid lip in the colour vindictive and I am in love. The colour itself may not be for everyone but they have many other options to choose from.

What I want to sing from the rooftop about is their formula! The colours are so pigmented it only takes one coat to have a full coverage lip. The product dries matte but it is not too quick drying that you can’t alter mistakes or make adjustments. There is no streaking when applying unlike other matte formulas I have used and once it has dried there is no flaking, no pain or sense of lips becoming chapped. It is honestly like velvet and so light on the lip. Plus when LA Splash says “waterproof” they mean waterproof, this would stay in place during a tsunami to the point where it’s differcult to get off (olive oil worked a charm and didn’t leave any stain).

Lets just take a moment to talk price, which is a mere £9.50 and many of their colours are currently on sale at beauty bay, I for one have stocked up! Cheaper then your average liquid lip and with the quality being this good I really do find these a bargain and they have fast become one of my main lip products.

Let me know if you have tried these out and love them or if they are not for you as always I’m so interested in what products work for some and not for others, comment below or tweet me @KateL564.